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Web Conferencing

Web Conferencing & Web Hosting

Individual Web Conferencing

Requires a Password to access the site. Please call the Administrator or your Counselor for a time convenient to access this site.

Group Web Conferencing

Requires an authorized Access Code and access to a dedicated conference phone number for purposes of group discussion. Call Web Administrator for more details.

Supervisory Staff Web Conferencing

Highly Restricted Site. Requires special Password, special authorization and Access Code to enter this site. Call Compliance Department for more information and to obtain special authorization.

Web Hosting Administrator

Andrew Fitzpatrick, our Internet Specialist and Programmer, is in charge of coordinating web hosting and conferencing calling.

Michael Flammer (temp)
Future Individual to be named

Person responsible for overseeing the conduct and execution of the conferencing methods and content to insure it meets with compliance standards and all other broker dealer regulatory requirements.