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Field Personnel

Field Services
We conduct periodic in-house training and sales seminars for the branches and satellite offices in all of our territories. Also trains them and educates our branch and satellite offices and to apprise them of latest news and regulations regarding our industry.

Michael Flammer | External Wholesaler
First Line Supervisor of the Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction. Also serves as First Line Supervisor to all other Branch Managers and Branch Supervisors that are assigned to that particular territory.

Recruiting Services
This Department handles all other customer inquiries regarding securities products and other investment items and can direct you to the responsible manager if more detailed information is required.

Regional Managing Assistant. Special Supervisor that assists the Regional Manager with supervisory duties and compliance reviews.

Recruitment Manager
Develops and trains field service representatives and calls on new registered representatives and assists with setting up new office operations.

Internal Wholesaler
Primary duty is to call on our various Vendors and Service Providers to constantly negotiate improved services and enhanced product offerings to be used by our Field Personnel for the benefit of our clients.