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Catering to the Consumer

Our company takes pride in providing good customer service. It doesn’t matter whether or not you are a customer. If you have any issues with your investments and you need guidance such as who to call (your rep moved away and you need to find out which broker dealer he is currently registered with, or you have concerns regarding your broker, which we will refer to you the proper phone numbers to FINRA or your new Broker Dealer for further guidance, etc.

We offer this service as a free help and support. We know sometimes the investment world can seem very confusing with a 1099-R being lost in the mail and you don’t know the broker dealer to contact, etc. As a public service, we are here to help with no expectation of any business, referral or anything else other than to promote goodwill within the financial industry.

Special Attention should be given to FINRA Broker Check.

The Financial Regulatory Authority has developed a consumer service whereby you can find information as to your registered representative and/or your broker dealer. We believe it is good for the consumer to have some information as to who they are doing business with. We ourselves, as an organization, has made some errors in our responsibilities to conduct the business of securities under the rules and regulations set forth by the Financial Regulatory Authority (FINRA>

To find more information, simply go to:


Then type in any individual name (Registered Representative and/or Investment Advisor) or any investment related organizational name and it is as simple as that.